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Western Ukrainian National University's Digital Transformation with Cubu

11 Jan 2022
Western Ukrainian National University's Digital Transformation with Cubu

Western Ukrainian National University (WUNU) has embraced digital innovation with Cubu, a powerful queue management software by Q-nomy. This shift has revolutionized WUNU's admissions process, offering applicants a seamless experience and streamlining the work of the admissions committee.

WUNU aimed to simplify their admissions process while improving efficiency for both applicants and staff. Cubu's digital queue system was the answer. It allowed applicants to create accounts, submit documents, and register for benefits with ease. By scanning a QR code, applicants accessed the queue, selected their service, set an appointment, and received an electronic ticket and SMS confirmation. Visual and voice notifications kept everyone informed.

Cubu's swift integration made the transition effortless. Its cloud-based, cost-effective approach brought advanced features to WUNU without the complexity. Beyond admissions, Cubu proved versatile, supporting assessments, exams, and creating a comprehensive education system with video content.

WUNU's success with Cubu demonstrates the transformative potential of digital solutions in education. Cubu's user-friendly design and efficiency align with WUNU's vision for a seamless digital experience.

Read the full article on WUNU's website here.

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