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Scotiabank Launches New Appointment Feature in Mobile Banking App

Published on
May 15, 2024
Scotiabank Launches New Appointment Feature in Mobile Banking App

Under the slogan “More time for you,” Scotiabank has introduced a new Pre-Appointment and electronic ticket service through its Mobile Banking App. This tool aims to improve customer service and reduce waiting periods, thereby minimizing exposure to COVID-19.

Activated on April 12, the new feature is available to both customers and non-customers who need to visit a physical branch for procedures not possible through digital channels.

How It Works

  1. Download the App: Customers must download or update the Scotiabank Mobile Banking App to access the new functionality.
  2. Registration: Register in the app to start using the service.
  3. Scheduling Appointments:
    • Enter an identification document (ID or passport).
    • Select the "Prior Appointment" option to schedule a visit.
    • Choose the preferred branch, service, day, and time based on availability.
    • Enter an email address to receive a notification and confirm the reservation.
  4. On Arrival:
    • Notify your arrival through the app without touching any devices at the entrance.
    • Receive a confirmation ticket after completing the indicated steps.


This new service channel saves time and is designed for customers who prefer scheduling appointments in advance. It also allows customers to choose between general customer service or scheduling time with a business executive for specific needs like opening an account or making a purchase.

Gwendy Price, Director of Scotiabank's Consumer Business, stated, “This functionality is part of the bank's digital transformation plan to streamline the customer service model and improve products and services. The new alternative provides greater security and confidence for our users.”

She added, "We are excited to offer novel and varied service alternatives to our clients, enabling them to carry out their procedures in an agile and secure way, thanks to our digital transformation strategy."

Q-nomy's Role

Q-Flow's integration with Scotiabank’s mobile app showcases its capabilities in enhancing customer experience through efficient appointment scheduling and queue management. By leveraging Q-Flow's robust features, Scotiabank ensures a seamless and secure process for managing customer appointments, reflecting Q-nomy’s commitment to providing innovative and scalable solutions in the banking sector.

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