Customer Interaction Management

What is it?

Q-nomy’s Customer Interaction Management solution manages the interaction between the organization and its customers, across multiple channels: email, SMS, web/mobile forms, in-store A/V channels, print, and more.

The system allows staff to freely communicate with customers and let them know how handling of their case progresses, or if additional information is required. It can also be used for additional purposes such as sending upsell messages to complement a service interaction or sending reminders for appointment scheduling. System administrators can set it up to send messages automatically based on events and conditions, to ensure customers are always informed.


Benefits and Advantages


  • Provides a unified omni-channel communications platform.
  • Reduces the cost of managing customer communications through a streamlined interface and automated messaging.
  • Strengthens customer engagement, loyalty, and NPS through transparency of internal processes.
  • Improves customer experience, by keeping customers up-to-date and informed.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy CIM:

  • Complete flexibility to accommodate any business case, such as government case management, retail fulfillment processes, and healthcare procedures.
  • Unique integration of customer communication channels with internal customer-centric work processes.
  • The solution can be scaled up from a small service center up to full enterprise operation.
  • Built-in integration with Q-nomy's Business Case Management Software to ensure customer satisfaction.

Main Features

  • Q‑nomy's CIM platform for setting up, configuring, and managing communication channels, messages and forms.
  • Administrator interface for configuring message templates, which can later be used by staff (only requiring them to fill in specific fields in order to produce complete formatted messages), or automatically by the system upon pre-defined events.
  • Administrator interface for setting up online forms, which can later be sent to specific customers to fill in or be embedded in the organization website for general use.
  • Staff interface for managing customer communications using templates, customer/system parameters, or free text, depending on user permissions and context.
  • The platform supports automatic messaging to customers upon preset events and business logic, e.g. appointment reminders, follow-up messages after a service interaction is completed, update messages after a certain internal procedure is complete, request to fill in a specific form, etc.
  • Incoming messages, such as customer-generated e-mail, web (filled forms), and SMS, can be automatically or manually parsed, added to the customer record, and used to automate processes and decision making.
  • Digital channels supported out-of-the-box include e-mail, Web, and SMS. Additional channels that the organization uses or plans to use can be added via API.
  • Physical communication supported include all of Q-nomy's in-store channels, such as digital signage, and print-on-demand.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and affect all departments immediately.

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