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Q‑nomy's queue management system is an advanced, rule-based solution for handling and routing customers while they wait to meet your agents, in physical locations as well as digital channels.

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 Queue manage


Efficient queue

Efficient queue management

Q-nomy's software offers comprehensive queue management capabilities, including appointment scheduling, priority rules, load-balancing, and customer routing logic, all of which work together to optimize customer flow and reduce wait times.
Flexible configuration

Flexible configuration

Q-nomy's queue management system is highly configurable, allowing businesses to customize the solution to meet their specific requirements, including user and customer interfaces, workflow, different service models, and more.

Customer communication

With Q-nomy, businesses can communicate effectively with their customers through a variety of channels, including digital signage, SMS, email, and in-app notifications, keeping them informed and entertained during their wait times.

Omnichannel customer flow

Our queue management system enables businesses to manage virtual queues, including video appointments and other digital services, delivering a streamlined, flexible customer experience.

Real-time monitoring

The system provides real-time monitoring and reporting, enabling managers to stay on top of key performance indicators and take proactive measures to improve the customer experience.


Q-nomy's system is scalable, allowing businesses to start with a single point-of-service and expand to any number of branches; or, start with a simple solution, and upgrade to incorporate more capabilities.


Improved customer experience

With Q-nomy's queue management software, organizations can streamline the customer journey and reduce wait times, leading to an improved customer experience and increased satisfaction.

Increased efficiency

By optimizing queue management and appointment scheduling, organizations can reduce staffing needs, minimize wait times, and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.

Actionable data

Q-nomy's queue management software provides real-time monitoring, alerts, and reports, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions to improve service levels, optimize staffing, and reduce wait times.

Seamless omnichannel customer service

Allowing staff to handle on-site and video customers from the same system results in a more efficient service operation, with reduced wait times and more personalized interactions. In addition, it provides a consistent and cohesive customer journey across channels.

Sales growth

By leveraging digital advertising, customer satisfaction, and agent sale-tips, Q-nomy's queue management software can increase sales and revenue for organizations.

Scalability and flexibility

Q-nomy's queue management software is scalable and flexible, making it easy to match any business requirement and all types of customer service, including retail, healthcare, government, and more

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