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  • Even At Times of Social Distancing, Customer Service Branches Have An Important Role

    When face to face interactions become impractical, service providers transition to digital, and particularly video interactions. Instead of shutting down the service branches, businesses can connect branches to virtual queues, and allow their staff to provide digital customer service.

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  • Customer Service in the Time of Corona

    As the world faces the implications of the coronavirus outbreak, customer service managers now have to deal with a particular challenge. Despite digital transformation strategies, many businesses still rely on face-to-face interactions to set essential activities in motion, such as signing important contracts or customer authentication. Q-nomy provides virtual and scheduled interactions to help companies continue to offer their services while keeping business and health top of mind.

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  • Scheduling a phone call with a customer?  Why not?

    Whether you are a service provider for the telecom industry, financial services, healthcare, or other customer-facing sectors, you are likely already aware of the need for appointment scheduling. If you are running a call center, however, chances are you just attend to call as they come. Well, maybe it's time to start thinking about scheduling phone calls as well...

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