Video Queuing & Appointments

Q‑nomy's omnichannel solution empowers businesses to engage customers seamlessly across digital and physical channels - video, voice, email, SMS, chat, and in-person meetings. Integrated appointment scheduling, queue management, and workflow automation ensure a streamlined customer journey.

Video Queuing & Appointments

Digitally transforming your customer service

Key features and advantages of Q-nomy's omnichannel and video solutions

Personalized Customer Experience

Q-nomy's omnichannel solution offers a fully customized customer journey that allows for seamless interactions across multiple channels, including video, to ensure a smooth and personalized experience.
Efficient video call

Efficient video call management

Our solution provides a module specifically designed for video call management that enables service providers to handle digital appointments as efficiently as in-person visits.

Multi-channel customer service

Our solution allows for customer communication across a variety of channels, such as email, SMS, or chat, with the added capability of video and voice calls to offer a complete multi-channel experience for customers.
Improved communication

Improved communication

Q-nomy's solution provides a comprehensive and integrated platform that allows staff to view and respond to customer inquiries and requests in real-time, enabling improved communication and collaboration between staff and customers.

Our clients' success stories

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Video Appointments at Clalit Health Services

Clalit Health Services is Israel's largest health service organization, and a giant on a global scale as well. Clalit operates 14 hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals and a rehabilitation hospital, all of them university-affiliated. It runs over 1,300 primary care clinics as well as a network of pharmacies and dental clinics.
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Video Call Management at Banco Industrial

The bank sought alternative methods for the customers to create scheduled and personalized appointments with representatives or executives, such as multiple channels for appointment booking and transaction services. This would shorten wait times and serve more customers.
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Video Call Management at Colfondos

Colfondos (Colfondos S.A. Pensiones y Cesantías) is a Colombian pension fund management service provider that was founded in 1991. Today it is a member of the Habitat group, one of Latin America's largest pension fund managers.

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