Video Queuing & Appointments

Q‑nomy's omnichannel solution empowers businesses to engage customers seamlessly across digital and physical channels - video, voice, email, SMS, chat, and in-person meetings. Integrated appointment scheduling, queue management, and workflow automation ensure a streamlined customer journey.

Video Queuing & Appointments

Digitally transforming your customer service

Key features and advantages of Q-nomy's omnichannel and video solutions

Personalized Customer Experience

Q-nomy's omnichannel solution offers a fully customized customer journey that allows for seamless interactions across multiple channels, including video, to ensure a smooth and personalized experience.
Efficient video call

Efficient video call management

Our solution provides a module specifically designed for video call management that enables service providers to handle digital appointments as efficiently as in-person visits.

Multi-channel customer service

Our solution allows for customer communication across a variety of channels, such as email, SMS, or chat, with the added capability of video and voice calls to offer a complete multi-channel experience for customers.
Improved communication

Improved communication

Q-nomy's solution provides a comprehensive and integrated platform that allows staff to view and respond to customer inquiries and requests in real-time, enabling improved communication and collaboration between staff and customers.

We help streamline your physical & digital customer journey

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