Patient Experience Management

Efficient operation of healthcare services relies primarily on optimized scheduling. At the heart of Q-nomy's healthcare solution lies the Patient Flow and Scheduling Engine, which manages appointments, staff, resources, patient interactions and all patient-centric workflows. With Q-nomy's solution, you ensure the entire operation moves ahead in unison, fully utilizing available resources to the benefit of both staff and patients.

Q-nomy's appointment scheduling module in particular offers powerful optimization options, allowing quick and easy booking of highly complicated procedures involving multiple staff members, resources (rooms, beds, equipment, and more) and stages. Scheduling can be managed by staff, or packaged as self-service Web or mobile applications. Having worked with some of the most demanding medical organizations, our scheduling software has proved it is capable of meeting any business requirement.

The following video presents one such solution particularly tailored for operating rooms. Q-nomy's solution for OR enables easy scheduling of highly complicated procedures, and enhances the visitor experience.


Q-nomy offers staff a wide range of tools for managing patient flow, from reception to discharge, as well as handling offline processes such as lab result diagnosis and payment processing. The Q-nomy solution synchronizes these different workflows to deliver a seamless patient experience; it eliminates lags and prevents incorrect routing or patients abandoning the queue in the process.

Q-nomy's digital communication tools keep patients fully informed before their visit and during their visit by delivering personal printed brochures and text messages, while more general information is presented on wall displays.

Q-nomy's healthcare solutions successfully conceal the complexity of medical processes by using simple user interfaces that help staff and patients overcome technical barriers, and allow them to focus on human interactions – thus simplifying the work of the medical staff. Q-nomy's appointment scheduling engine optimizes calendar capacity utilization, while the integrated patient flow management software streamlines processes to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction.

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