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Q-Flow Wins at People & Computers' IT Awards

Published on
April 2, 2024
Q-Flow Wins at People & Computers' IT Awards

Three projects, implemented in collaboration with Clalit Health Services and Callflow Software, were among the winners, showcasing innovation and excellence in patient care.

Hospital Appointment Scheduling

The most extensive project in terms of deployment scope is the hospital appointment scheduling solution. This system, implemented across more than a dozen Clalit hospitals, has revolutionized the way patients schedule appointments. By streamlining the process, it has significantly reduced wait times and improved overall patient satisfaction. The solution demonstrates Q-Flow's capability to handle large-scale deployments efficiently and effectively.

Remote Doctors' Appointments

The second winning project focuses on remote doctors' appointments. This innovative solution integrates video calls and TytoCare's medical devices, allowing patients to receive care from the comfort of their homes. This remote appointment system empowers caregivers with real-time data and high-quality video interactions, enabling them to make better-informed and more effective treatment decisions. It highlights Q-Flow's ability to integrate with various technologies, providing a comprehensive telehealth solution.

"Avatar" Queuing for Children's Clinics

The third project is an innovative queuing solution tailored for children's clinics. Instead of traditional ticket numbers, young patients select animated figures, or "avatars," upon arrival at the facility. This approach not only makes the waiting experience more engaging for children but also helps to reduce anxiety associated with medical visits. The "avatar" queuing system exemplifies Q-Flow's creativity and commitment to enhancing patient experience through user-friendly solutions.

Key Strengths and Achievements

These three projects underscore Q-Flow's key strengths: scalability, integrability, and innovation. They also reflect the exceptional talent and dedication of the teams at Q-nomy and Callflow Software, as well as Clalit Health Services' commitment to providing excellent patient care. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative approaches, Q-Flow continues to set new standards in customer journey management.

Scalability: The hospital appointment scheduling project demonstrates Q-Flow's ability to manage large-scale implementations, catering to the needs of extensive healthcare networks.

Integrability: The remote doctors' appointments project showcases Q-Flow's seamless integration with telehealth technologies, providing a robust and comprehensive remote care solution.

Innovation: The "avatar" queuing system for children's clinics highlights Q-Flow's creativity in designing solutions that enhance patient experience and engagement.

These achievements not only celebrate technological excellence but also emphasize the importance of patient-centric solutions in modern healthcare. Q-Flow's success at the IT Awards serves as a testament to its effectiveness and the positive impact it has on patient care.


The recognition at the People & Computers' magazine IT Awards highlights the transformative impact of Q-Flow in the healthcare sector. By addressing critical aspects of patient experience and care delivery, Q-Flow continues to lead the way in innovative customer journey management. The collaboration between Q-nomy, Callflow Software, and Clalit Health Services exemplifies a shared commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in patient care.

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