Q-nomy's solution for banks incorporates appointment scheduling, workflow, customer communications and visit management tools to deliver true business transformation: turning your banking organization from an outdated model of call center and service branches, into a modern sales-driven omnichannel operation .Our customer experience management software will reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

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Banking Use Cases

Omnichannel Customer Care

Q-nomy provides a complete omnichannel banking software solution to handle customer interactions, support, service, and sales, across any channel – both digital and physical.
Communicate with customers via messaging, video, in-branch digital signage and more. Schedule virtual and face-to-face appointments, and manage the customer journey using skill-based and profile-based routing and prioritization.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Q-nomy’s software for bank appointment scheduling increases customer satisfaction and agent sales output in banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. It optimizes the omni-channel customer appointment booking experience by managing scheduling from self-service online and mobile apps, as well as from contact center and branch agents.Our solution can be used to manage in-branch meetings, video appointments, contact center call-back, and more.

Video Call Management

Even after successful digital transformation, maintaining the personal relations with select customers is still important. While many operations no longer require physical attendance of the customer, video appointments increase the level of transaction security, improve customer trust and loyalty, and increase NPS and other important KPIs. Q-nomy's call management solution provides the full branded experience around your video platform, including a virtual lobby app and a modular online booking interface.

Benefits of Q-nomy's Banking Solution

Q-nomy empowers banks to achieve higher sales, improve customer satisfaction, and propel their business forward.
Exceptional customer experience
Q-nomy's software manages all aspects of the in-branch and digital customer journey, providing a personalized omnichannel experience that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Sales increase
Increase sales by enabling staff to engage with customers in a more personalized and effective manner, and by leveraging appointment invites and reminders, in-branch digital signage and other channels, to combine targeted advertising with service messages.
Reduced IT costs
Our solution streamlines retail operations, reduces the need for unnecessary manual work, and increases productivity. Optimized staff and resource utilization result in lower store operation costs and improved efficiency.
Efficient and profitable stores
Increase sales by enabling staff to engage with customers in a more personalized and effective manner, and by providing an easy-to-use appointment scheduling system that converts online leads to physical store sales.

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