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Northrop Grumman FCU

11 Jan 2022
Northrop Grumman FCU


Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union (NGFCU), with 10 branches in California and 9 branches throughout the East Coast, is one of the strongest credit unions in the country. Established in August, 1946, NGFCU is a financial cooperative owned entirely by its members and operated exclusively for their benefit. As a federal credit union, NGFCU exists to promote thrift among members and to make loans to members from collected savings.

With assets over $600 million by the close of 2007 and members all across the U.S., Northrop Grumman FCU has invested in many new service vehicles to make service easier, faster and more convenient without sacrificing the personal touch that is so important to members. Q-nomy has provided solutions that have been very helpful in meeting these goals.

The Requirements and The Solution

NGFCU sought out a ticketless queue & lobby management solution, allowing their loan agents to more efficiently service waiting members. Within one month, Q-nomy was able to provide a Q-Flow® solution, targeting NGFCU specific requirements listed below.

  • Requirement: Allow customers to bypass customer service reps by using automated online account services

Solution provided by Q-nomy: Touch screen kiosks were installed at branch entrances, instructing customers to visit the kiosk as the first step after walking into the branch for service. The kiosk functions as a virtual receptionist, routing customers to the appropriate waiting area based on their reason for visit.

At the kiosk, members select the reason for their visit, and wait for a service rep. Members enter their names into the kiosk and are instructed to have a seat in the lobby. There, an LCD display is conveniently mounted, displaying the “next in line” list of customers currently waiting.

  • Requirement: Reduce wait & transaction times for loan service specialist during peak hours

Solution provided by Q-nomy: After implementing intelligent queue management and agent performance reporting modules with Q-Flow, management was able to define the required wait and transaction time thresholds. Management further created guidelines for local branch managers, instructing them how to handle service notifications and reports, thereby achieving tight service level control.

  • Requirement: Establish waiting time statistics for customers

​Solution provided by Q-nomy: Every member who enters the branch is required to “register” at the information kiosk. Thereafter, wait time can be measured. Now, statistics are available across the enterprise for management to analyze performance reports, and leverage procedural changes minimizing waiting times.

  • Requirement: Offer members a more comfortable and relaxed environment while they wait for services

​Solution provided by Q-nomy: After the implementation of Q-Flow lobby management, customers were aware of their wait time via kiosk and digital signage mounted within the branch, providing marketing and real-time queue information on screen. NGFCU was able to maintain their high standard of personal service and combine it with intuitive modern business processes keeping their members entertained and informed throughout their visit.

  • Requirement: Create consistency and branding throughout digital signage displays

Solution provided by Q-nomy: NGFCU chose to take advantage of Q-Flow’s advanced digital signage module to create a theme specific to their bank including promotional movies, ads, real time stock exchange updates, weather and news tickers, combined with branch wait time vitals. The combined "NGFCU Channel" is now available throughout their 19 branches and at select ATM locations country wide.

  • Requirement: Track agent performance and establish statistics for transaction times

Solution provided by Q-nomy: After the implementation of Q-Flow, NGFCU is able to analyze every aspect of their agent’s time utilization such as average service time and number of customers served by hour/day/period. Management is now able to compare agents by various performance indicators, optimizing and encouraging superior agent results.

  • Requirement: Promote current offers and advertisements via LCD displays

​Solution provided by Q-nomy: NGFCU now has numerous digital signage displays deployed in their branches. Unique channels have been created for each branch to suite its advertising requirements and its specific geographic location.

Management is able to create movies from a centralized location for display throughout all branches. Local branches are getting more involved in the creative process, providing feedback to increase the usage of digital signage.

The Future

Following Q-nomy's initial success, NGFCU is investigating other ways Q-Flow can be used along with other NGFCU information sources to optimize the promotion of services specific to individual members.

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