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Recruitment Fraud Advisory


Q-nomy has become aware that various individuals are posing as Q-nomy recruiters and contacting people offering false employment opportunities and requiring that applicants provide them with sensitive personal information, or requesting payment for job related equipment and/or technology and/or recruitment services. Such scams are fraudulent and intended to steal from the victims.

  • To assist potential job applicants and our customers, we want to clarify the following:

  • Q-nomy does not ask prospective job applicants to pay for their recruitment, testing, review, equipment or any other purpose.

  • Q-nomy does not ask prospective job applicants for information about their bank accounts, credit history or passwords to financial accounts.

  • Q-nomy will not offer a job or contract without first going through a formal recruitment process that will involve at least one face-to-face interview

  • All of the above also applies to any recruitment agencies that Q-nomy would be working with.

If you are asked for personal financial or security information during an interview, or are asked to pay for the recruitment service, this is likely a fraudulent activity hosted by spammers posing as Q-nomy recruiters in order to commit money theft, identity theft or other forms of fraud. If this has happened to you, we encourage you to approach the appropriate law enforcement agency as soon as possible.