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Q‑nomy's enterprise scheduling software is a robust, scalable, rule-based solution for managing appointments in all your physical locations and digital channels.

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Appointment Scheduling


Customer journey

Customer journey management and virtual waiting room experience

The software provides a secure and personalized virtual waiting room where customers can wait for their appointment and receive real-time updates and notifications. This enhances the overall customer experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Personalized and secure customer portal

Customers are able to access their own personal portal, where they can see details of any future appointments, re-schedule or cancel appointments, and view their appointment history. The portal is also secure, with a system of identification and authentication in place to protect customer privacy.

Customizable interface and brand integration

The software is highly customizable, allowing service providers to match the look and feel of the lobby to their own website, mobile apps, and brand style guide. This helps create a consistent and professional image for the customer.

Real-time appointment updates and notifications

Customers receive real-time updates and notifications through text messages or at the virtual waiting room, keeping them informed and reducing the stress of waiting. This allows customers to better manage their time and reduces frustration.

Integration with back-office processes and optimization for business needs

The software integrates with back-office processes, providing a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations, optimizes performance and helps to improve the bottom line. The software is optimized to meet specific business needs, ensuring that it delivers maximum value.

Omnichannel appointment booking and scheduling

With Q-nomy's appointment scheduling software, customers can easily book and schedule appointments through multiple channels such as online, over the phone, or in-person, providing a seamless and convenient experience.


Improved Customer Experience

By offering omnichannel appointment booking, a virtual waiting room experience, and a personalized and secure customer portal, Q-nomy's appointment scheduling software can greatly improve the customer experience. Customers can easily schedule appointments, receive real-time updates and notifications, and have access to their appointment information in a secure and convenient manner.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

The software's integration with back-office processes and optimization for business needs helps streamline operations and increase efficiency and productivity. With the ability to manage appointments and customer journeys in real-time, organizations can save time and resources and focus on delivering high-quality service.

Enhanced Brand Image

Customizable interface and brand integration allow organizations to present a consistent and professional image to their customers. By aligning the virtual waiting room experience and customer portal with the organization's website and overall brand style guide, organizations can create a seamless customer experience that reflects their brand values.

Better Data Management and Insights

The software provides real-time data and insights on customer appointments, interactions, and journeys, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the customer experience.

Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

By delivering a positive and convenient customer experience, organizations can increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business, leading to increased revenue.

Reduced Scheduling Costs

By automating appointment scheduling and reducing manual processes, organizations can save time and reduce operational costs. Q-nomy's software streamlines appointment booking, confirmation, and rescheduling, reducing the need for staff intervention and freeing up resources for other tasks.

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