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Apple Premium Resellers

11 Jan 2022
Apple Premium Resellers


Apple Premium Resellers (APRs), in numerous countries around the world, are operating their stores using the service model preferred by Apple owned stores: which means, having pre-scheduled appointments as the main option for receiving service and consulting.

As a result, APR managers seek a complete solution that would handle customer service starting at appointment scheduling, through reception and waiting, until the actual interaction.

The Solution

Q-nomy offered a number of APRs a complete solution, based on Q-Flow®, which met every requirement:

  • A calendar system to arrange customer arrivals for service and to register for lectures.
  • A complete queue management system.
  • A digital signage system to show advertising and directions for waiting customers.
  • Monitoring and control tools.
  • "Customer Record" management.

In addition, Q-nomy offered APR management extensive consulting, based on experience in customer service and store management, to ensure the solution is optimally adjusted to their store attributes.

Most notable are the following elements, which were particularly tailored for the APR store requirements:

The application, which is based on Q-Flow Calendar and Web API, allows customers to identify, choose a service and schedule an appointment, or register for a lecture.

  • iPod/iPad-based reception: Q-nomy adapted the Q-Flow Reception Point module, usually applied to self-service kiosks, so it could be used on iPod Touch devices (and later, to iPads) connected to the in-store wireless network.

The customized application allows service representatives, who roam the store,
to identify and register customers, schedule appointments for them, queue up
customers with pre-scheduled appointments and more.

  • Mac-based digital signage: The Q-Flow Info Page module runs on screens connected to Mac computers, presenting information on lectures, appointments, queue progress, products and promotional messages, alongside video advertising.
  • Email-based customer record management: APRs requested that customers main mode of identification would be their Email address, similar to how they identify on the website.

The Email address is used to login to schedule an appointment online, and enable the APR to send customers follow-up information following each visit to the store, such as thank-you messages, feedback surveys and professional updates related to the topic of the visit.

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