Business Process Management

Q-nomy's platform is founded on BPM (Business Process Management), where all our products, including appointment scheduling and queue management software, seamlessly integrate. This cohesive approach empowers us to provide a versatile, configurable customer flow framework, capable of supporting various flows based on individual indicators.

Business process

Business Process Management Highlights

Key features and advantages of Q-nomy's customer-centric BPM solution

Customer-centric approach

Q-nomy's BPM solution puts the customer at the center of the process, enabling businesses to optimize customer service by providing a seamless customer experience.
Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Our solution automates repetitive and manual tasks, streamlining workflow, and improving efficiency. It enables automated routing rules, smart routing functions, and workflow control functions.
all in one

All-in-one solution

Our BPM software seamlessly integrates with other Q-nomy products, such as appointment scheduling and queue management, to provide a complete customer journey management solution.

Scalability And Flexibility

The Virtual Lobby is fully integrated with Q-nomy's customer flow management solution, providing a seamless experience for both customers and service providers.

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