"if your processes involve customers, your BPM needs to be customer-centric"

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Business Process Software

Our business process management software is an automation platform that lets you orchestrate processes across multiple information systems using task-management and communication BPM tools.

The solution links systems, involves staff, and engages customers. It acts as an enterprise middleware: seamlessly transferring processes between different business units, streamlining the workflow, enforcing business rules and ensuring unresolved cases are not forgotten. Reports and online alerts guarantee managers at all levels stay on top of their goals and KPI’s.



Unique advantages of Q-nomy BPM software suite:

Benefits of Business Process Software:

  • Streamlines your workflow and branch operation.
  • Improves the level of service and customer satisfaction by increasing the speed and quality of service-related processes.
  • Raises revenues by increasing the effectiveness of sales-related processes.

Unique Advantages of Our BPM Suite:

  • Particular focus on customer-centric processes. Customer-flow management and workflow automation software in one product is a unique, industry-leading solution that optimizes customer service.
  • A single software platform manages all process types across an enterprise of any size.
  • Complete flexibility to match any business requirement.

Main Features and BPM Tools

  • Administrator interface allows configuring group roles and agent permissions, workflow automation and task routing logic, and more.
  • End-user interface provides task queue management functions, case handling and documentation, statistics and alerts view.
  • End-user guidance presents instructions and recommendations for case handling.
  • Customer management interface for customer-centric operations enables viewing and editing customer details and interaction history.
  • Manager interface allows viewing online reports and statistics, drilling down to see more detail and analysis, individual performance, and department throughput monitoring.
  • Alert notifications inform users and managers about exceptional events such as issues waiting too long for resolution, new high-priority tasks, SLA breaches and so forth.
  • Automatic flow management enables multi-step processes to be predetermined based on initial classification of task or agent decisions later in the process; thus the transfer from one step to the next is enforced by the system.
  • Customer flow integration enables customer interactions (e.g. arrival at store or sending email request for support) to trigger a relevant service, sales or logistic workflow.
  • Systems integration enables relevant system screen pop-ups, data field population, or process activation, in sync with task retrieval and handling.
  • Scalable to any number of branches, contact centers, departments and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and affect all branches immediately.
  • Additional programming that enables enhanced business logic and smarter interfaces is embedded as scripts – never altering the basic product code, which minimizes test procedures, speeds up development and ensures a rapid response to business needs.
  • All user interfaces are Web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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