Government Customer Experience

Government Customer Experience

Efficient operation of government services relies primarily on optimized orchestration of front desk and back-office processes. At the heart of Q-nomy's government solution lies the Service Process Management Engine, capable of managing appointments, staff, resources, interactions and all customer-centric workflows. With Q-nomy's solution, you can make sure the entire operation moves ahead in unison, fully utilizing available resources to the benefit of both staff and the public who needs these services..

Q-nomy offers staff a wide range of tools for managing visitor flow, from reception until service completion, as well as handling back-office processes – such as form processing, permit request inspection, and so forth. These different workflows are synchronized in order to deliver a seamless customer experience; eliminating lags and preventing incorrect routing or mishandling of cases in the process.

Q-nomy's appointment scheduling module is abundant with  features intended to make self-service booking quick and easy, using either out-of-the-box or fully customized online and mobile applications. Meeting reminders and helpful information, such as in-door navigation guidance and form-filling instructions, can be sent to visitors via email or SMS prior to their visit.

Q-nomy's digital signage system keeps visitors fully informed while waiting. Wall displays can present a useful mixture of queue management information, instructions and tips for preparing forms and documents, news and updates, and entertainment.

Q-nomy's government solutions streamline the customer-service process, and simplify even complex multi-step procedures, thus delivering a better experience to both staff and visitors. The operational modules such as appointment scheduling, customer flow management and workflow management, help government organizations achieve their service level goals, while maximizing efficiency. Customer-facing modules for the provided government service, such as self-service applications and digital signage ensure customers are fully informed and satisfied with their interaction.

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