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Yorkshire Building Society

11 Jan 2022
Yorkshire Building Society


Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is the third-largest building society in the UK. With its headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, YBS has been providing financial services since 1864 and today offers a range of products such as savings accounts and mortgages. YBS proudly serves nearly three million members across the UK from a UK-wide branch network and multiple call centers. Yorkshire Building Society also includes Chelsea Building Society and Accord Mortgages.

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The Challenge

With such a large customer base across the UK, and over 3,000 members of staff, serving customers using appointments has been core to the business for some time. As YBS has grown in recent years, the need for an appointment booking solution that could scale to meet demand and the organization's vision was becoming apparent, as were other immediate challenges:

  • Declining performance of the old system

With hundreds of branch and agency locations, as well as call centers, the demand on the existing appointment booking platform was proving too much, which eventually began to directly impact on staff performance and the customer experience. A need for a higher performing and scalable system was required.

  • Building frustration and inefficiencies

A knock-on effect of an underperforming booking system was leading to operational inefficiencies for staff trying to create and serve appointments.

  • A lack of true data and insight

Further down the line, a lack of reporting data and insights meant YBS was not able to make the strategic decisions they needed to in order to best shape their appointment booking solution and ultimately customer service.

  • A need to innovate

With numerous innovative ideas in mind, YBS continued to look for a solution that could enable them to fulfill their vision of how appointment booking would support their staff in serving customers and, a supplier who would bring ideas to the partnership to further drive impactful innovation.

The Solution

After considering its options, YBS decided to adopt Q-nomy's Q-Flow® appointment scheduling software. The solution was hosted on Azure and delivered by Q-nomy's local partner ACF.

Using the Q-Flow platform, ACF worked with Yorkshire Building Society to implement an enterprise Appointment Booking System that could achieve the following key goals:

  • Manage both in-branch and telephone appointments
  • Enable meaningful reporting data insights
  • Increase overall system performance and stability
  • Increase speed of booking and serving of appointments
  • Restore the faith in appointments among the branch and call center staff
  • Enable YBS to expand their system and innovate, aligned to their vision
  • A seamless, overnight replacement of the existing booking system
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The Results

The Q-Flow solution achieved its goals and improved many of the KPIs associated with customer service in general, and appointment scheduling in particular:

  • Reduction in average booking time
  • Improved staff satisfaction with the booking system
  • Improved visibility of data and insights using the reporting suite
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction for appointment booking Journeys
  • Increased overall staff efficiency for booking and serving appointments
"The solution provided completely overhauled our appointment booking system. The integration was seamless, its real-time service and ability to be managed remotely for multiple locations is fantastic, and its intuitive and flexible design means customers can quickly and easily get the appointments they need, where and when they need it at the touch of a button. Ultimately the solution has made us much easier and efficient to do business with."
Linzi Piper, Operational Improvement Manager, Direct Mortgages YBS
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