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Video Call Management at Banco Industrial

11 Jan 2022
Video Call Management at Banco Industrial


Banco Industrial is part of Grupo Financiero Corporación BI. It is one of the largest corporations in Guatemala and Central America with more than 4,000 points of service in the region. In Guatemala, they offer different types of financial services and products for all customers. With more than 667 agencies, banking agents carried out more than 15.3 million transactions throughout the country in 2020.

In 2015, because of their great trajectory and branding efforts, Banco Industrial entered the Marketing Hall of Fame in Guatemala as a Great Brand. It is the first bank to obtain this achievement.

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The Challenge

The bank sought alternative methods for the customers to create scheduled and personalized appointments with representatives or executives, such as multiple channels for appointment booking and transaction services. This would achieve the goals of increased performance and streamlined transactions, allowing the bank to shorten wait times and serve more customers.

ACF Technologies, partner and reseller of Q-nomy solutions in the region, wanted to expand the coverage of the bank’s services by serving customers who lived or were temporarily located abroad. Further, they wanted to provide service alternatives to customers who were digital natives or could not physically visit the branches.

The main objectives of the project were to:

  1. Create appointments and reserve spots in physical branches with representatives or executives.
  2. Increase product placement through video calls with 100% virtual customer service.
  3. Allow customers to avoid waiting in line at the branches.
  4. Increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Solution

Q-Flow is an easy-to-use tool for branch managers, representatives, and collaborators. It helps users visualize the steps to follow to serve a customer within their appointment or reserved space at a physical branch.

  • E-Tickets: Request a ticket to visit an agency.
  • Schedule Appointments: Schedule a date and time to visit a specific branch
  • Reschedule Appointments: Modify your previously scheduled
  • appointment
  • Video calls: Request a virtual appointment for a specific date and time

Q-Flow also offers fully integrated solutions with SMS, email, and video calling.

How does it work?

  • Select what you want to do from the available options (Receive an E-ticket, Book an Appointment, Reschedule Appointments, or Schedule a Video Call).
  • Enter the requested fields. (Name, contact information, etc.)
  • Once your request is confirmed, you will receive an email and/or SMS with the Code (E-ticket or Appointment) or a link (Video Call)
  • If you scheduled a video call, you will receive a notification to
  • connect on your device
  • If you chose a Ticket or booked an Appointment, when you arrive at the agency you will have to enter the Code or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to identify yourself at the entrance kiosk
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Results & Benefits

  1. There has been a significant increase in the NPS
  2. Clients located in foreign countries can schedule their own video calls to fit their needs
  3. Representatives and executives can start addressing customer requests before they are submitted, which decreases service times and increases productivity and performance
  4. An internal web page is now available so that customers can make their physical or virtual appointments, thus offering innovation and different alternatives
  5. Now it is possible to schedule appointments with service representatives and business executives to better plan customers' time and provide them with the personalized experience they require

"From my perspective, Q-Flow is a fascinating tool and very easy to use as an administrator. The functionalities have been put to the test in different projects, giving incredible results for the collaborators who use it and, of course, benefiting the bank financially. Having added the appointments and video calls module gives the bank more freedom to serve customers, offering them alternatives to be helped quickly or remotely" – Ing. Fernanda Moreira, Assistant Manager Customer Service, Banco Industrial, Guatemala
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