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Video Appointments at Clalit Health Services

11 Jan 2022
Video Appointments at Clalit Health Services


Clalit Health Services is Israel's largest health service organization, and a giant on a global scale as well. Clalit operates 14 hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals and a rehabilitation hospital, all of them university-affiliated. It runs over 1,300 primary care clinics as well as a network of pharmacies and dental clinics.

Clalit was an early adopter of Health information technology with substantial investment in Electronic health records. In 2015 nearly 60% of its pediatric consultations took place over smartphones. Clalit was also one of Q-nomy's earliest clients, implementing the first Q-Flow-based solution in 2003.

The Challenge

With nearly five million insured members, Clalit was looking to expand its video appointment services to as many departments and to as much of the population as possible. Pediatric video calls were implemented early on to assist parents, however during the Covid pandemic, the need grew to provide a robust and scalable solution for managing a high volume of video calls – and to integrate the service into the broader scope of the patient experience, rather than having it as a standalone application.

Clalit required a solution that would offer:

  • High level of information security and medical-grade privacy for patients
  • Unlimited scalability, potentially taking up a major percentage of doctors' appointments
  • Seamless integration with Clalit's appointment scheduling, mobile app, and other relevant components of the patient journey
  • Allowing doctors and caregivers to provide the service from anywhere – their office, home, or while traveling
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The Solution

The solution selected by Clalit was Q-Flow Video Appointment Management, after conducting a thorough research of solutions available on the market.

The solution delivered includes:

  • Q-nomy's "OmniService" omnichannel and video management application, deployed onto Clalit's existing Q-Flow platform.
  • The "Vidyo" platform, one of the pre-integrated video options in Q-Flow, was selected as it met the highest security standards in healthcare.
  • Integration with Clalit's mobile applications and other required components.

Starting in 2021, Clalit gradually expanded the implementation of Q-nomy's video solution to more than 1,200 services, including hospital and community clinic consultations. Most services require booking an appointment, however, certain urgent care services are also provided on a FIFO basis, such as ophthalmologists.

Results & Benefits

Q-nomy's solution has met all of Clalit's requirements, providing a robust and stable video service that is convenient to both caregivers and patients.

  • Currently managing more than 1,500 video calls per day, and gradually growing.
  • Fully integrated patient journeys in all physical and digital channels, now managed on a single platform (Q-nomy's Q-Flow) allow Clalit to gain complete control over the services provided.
  • Due to the convenience of the service and the tremendous cost and time savings to both doctors and insured members, the demand for video appointments keeps growing. It is no longer related to the limitations of the pandemic.
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