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Tigo Guatemala

11 Jan 2022
Tigo Guatemala


Tigo is the leading telecommunication and digital lifestyle company in Guatemala.

Tigo was founded in 1990 as the first mobile telephony company in Guatemala. It has supported the mobile telephony history in Guatemala, with innovation, investment, and a tech-savvy generation that has made it possible. The brand currently has 41 customer service locations and 13 million users.

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The Challenge

Prior to implementing Q-nomy's software, Tigo Guatemala did not have the required technological tools to control customer check-in, queuing, and customer satisfaction. Earlier, Tigo decided to implement simple software that offered basic functionality. However, they realized that this solution offered neither the management tools they needed, nor the statistical data required to streamline service transactions and waiting time. Tigo's critical challenge was therefore to track and analyze the operational KPIs of their customer service and sales operations, and to boost their efficiency. To this end, the company has set three key goals:

  • Commercial objective: to provide solutions for customer management with just-in-time service utilizing the resources inside the commercial facilities. Customers would wait and enjoy their stay in the establishment, while the employees handle their needs.
  • Service objective: to organize all transactions on a first come, first served basis to attend the customer’s requirements in an equitable order.
  • Time objective: to reduce the customer wait time to 18 minutes in the store, in order to offer the clients an enjoyable visit and improve customer satisfaction.

The Solution

To achieve their objectives, Tigo approached ACF Technologies, Q-nomy's business partner in the region and certified reseller and integrator of Q-nomy's Q-Flow platform, with which an appropriate solution could be built and delivered to Tigo.

Tigo Guatemala trusted ACF could deliver the control tools that were needed. ACF provided Tigo with a user-friendly platform that allows a 360 degree view of the events that happen daily:

  • When a customer enters the shop, Tigo can use the information and tools for offering excellent service.
  • The customer joins the queue with their phone number through a kiosk, creating a feeling that the service is organized and personalized.
  • The system measures the wait time, the number of clients that arrive at the location, the reason for the visit, and the customer service time.
  • Management can see the productivity of the employees and they can also see the reasons for inquiries.

The integrated solution provided by ACF Technologies also included voice recordings at each desk, enabling conversation monitoring. This function allows Tigo to find opportunities for improving the customer experience.

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The Results

Tigo has achieved significant progress with the administration and control of the following areas:

  • The system has enabled the classification of B2B and B2C customers, increasing the quality of customer service and offering the most attractive proposals for each customer segment.
  • Q‑Flow data and reports became the basis for any study conducted by the business aiming to understand customer service transaction and KPIs.
  • Customer waiting time at service location was reduced by 45%, further reducing customer abandoning.
  • Store staff achieved a productivity level of 85%, an occupation level of 95%
  • Having implemented Q-Flow and provided a satisfactory experience to their customers, Tigo estimated an improved NPS (Net promoter score) above 65.
"By implementing Q-Flow we were able to reduce waiting time by 45%, increase productivity per store by 85%, and staff occupancy does not drop below 95%. Q-Flow is the basis for any report or study that is required on the operation of the company."— Marcos Mérida, Client Operations Manager at Tigo Guatemala
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