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BAC Credomatic Bank

11 Jan 2022
BAC Credomatic Bank


BAC Credomatic is present in six countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. With a wide geographic presence, the group has also been able to increase its client base. It currently serves more than 2.2 million people and more than 100,000 companies. In Guatemala, it occupies the first place in profits.

The Challenge

BAC Credomatic is focused on moving forward with a digitalization process in order to respond more efficiently to the needs of its customers. The group has launched several processes in order to be more efficient, increase specialization, allow faster response times and maintain a leading position in technological advances with digital platforms that improve the user experience and offer greater security, as well as comfort.

In May 2017, the bank concluded its testing of Q-Flow with satisfactory results. Then, in June 2017, when the bank acquired another 13 branches, they decided to start using a new business model to improve the customer experience: a self-managed process that would give them a unique and differentiated experience for their clients, like no other. It is based on an innovative, modern, customer-centered design. Naturally, Q-Flow would become part of this new approach.

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The Solution

Q-nomy's partner and reseller in the region, ACF Technologies, delivered the required solution using the Q-Flow platform to BAC. The configuration supplied included:

  • Customer identification, after which a ticket is printed with the customer's name.
  • Software integration with a card reader, encrypted by the bank.
  • Integration of Q-Flow with the bank's CRM, offering personalized campaigns on tickets, digital signage, and the banker's user interface. It also identifies the client's needs / products / services by segment to help with business sales.
  • Delivery of customer surveys following the interaction.
  • Use of additional digital signage as part of the Q-Flow portal.
  • Use of Q-Flow SMS notifications to give the client the option to perform another activity while waiting to be called forward for service.

Several departments of BAC, including technology, marketing and customer experience, participated in the design and configuration of the solution.

The bank's technology team was able to review the quality and performance of Q-Flow integration with the relevant information systems.

The marketing department worked with the Q-Flow digital signage and content management software, creating different content playlists to match different branch profiles.

The customer experience team used Q-Flow to ensure that customers could be identified and prioritized by their appropriate segment. Based on the identification data, they planned personalized sales campaigns.

Results and Benefits

BAC Credomatic Guatemala concluded that the initial tests were 100% successful. Then it was time to extend Q-Flow to 13 different branches: each with a different flow and market segment, including a VIP solution for offices where the service is customized.

Six months later, BAC Guatemala replaced 100% of its branches using other systems and replaced those solutions with the Q-Flow Service.

  • In 2019, Q-Flow was deployed to 85 branches. The exceptional results of the project were published in this article, titled "BAC Credomatic Guatemala is a pioneer in corporate infrastructure" (see the original publication in Spanish here)
  • In August 2019, at BAC, the cashier area had managed 320,435 tickets with an average wait time of only 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
  • With one-to-one marketing and sales advice, Q-Flow provides relevant customer information to staff, increasing sales.
  • By implementing Q-Flow SMS notifications, BAC has reduced its service abandoning rate to just 1.39% and 0.13% in Customer Service and Tellers areas, respectively.

As a result the excellent results and performance of the Q-Flow solution, as well as the strong business relationship that has been built between ACF Technologies and the bank, BAC now has the directive to replace all of its queue management platforms with the Q-Flow Client Solution in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama.

Q-Flow will be the only platform used by BAC to manage its customers through multiple channels.
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