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Smarter Healthcare: Effortless Appointments & Improved Care

11 Jan 2022
Smarter Healthcare: Effortless Appointments & Improved Care


This Canadian medical facility stands out as the largest organization in its region, boasting a workforce of approximately 40,000 individuals. Established in December 2017, it emerged from the consolidation of multiple smaller regional health authorities. Committed to providing a comprehensive range of health services, it offers primary and secondary care, home and community care, mental health services, population and preventative health initiatives, as well as addiction services.

The Challenge

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility faced a significant surge in patients seeking vaccinations. However, lacking a preexisting system capable of managing website or telephone appointments at the required scale, the facility urgently needed a web-based solution. This solution needed to swiftly facilitate appointment scheduling for vaccinations while adhering to specific regulations regarding patient age and vaccine type.

The Solution

To streamline appointment scheduling across its numerous clinics, Q-nomy's partner ACF Technologies successfully implemented a web-based appointment booking software powered by Q-Flow. This innovative solution allows patients to conveniently self-schedule appointments while ensuring compliance with health regulations, particularly regarding age requirements for COVID-19 vaccination. The system intelligently prevents the scheduling of multiple appointments for a single patient, promoting fair access to healthcare resources.Moreover, the solution's versatility extends beyond COVID-19 vaccination appointments, easily adapting to other types of appointments such as flu vaccines and COVID-19 testing. This provides a comprehensive and efficient management tool for a wide range of healthcare services.

The deployed solution includes:

Q-Flow Appointment Management:

Empowers patients with the flexibility to schedule, track, and modify appointments conveniently. This not only puts patients in control of their healthcare journey but also ensures seamless alignment of customer flow with medical facilities' staffing capabilities

Q-Flow Queue Management:Significantly improves organization and enhances control over patients' waiting experiences. This software enables the assignment of patients to specific services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient flow of customers.

SMS Notifications and Email Automation:

facilitates seamless communication between medical facilities and patients, providing updates and real-time knowledge of their progress throughout their visit.

Reports & Insights:

Equips the healthcare organization with the ability to effectively track and monitor various aspects of vaccinations, providing valuable insights for efficient management of immunization data.

The Results

Over the past three years, this Canadian healthcare provider has witnessed remarkable benefits from integrating Q-Flow into their daily operations. Some noteworthy achievements include:

• Over 600,000 COVID-19 vaccination appointments booked within the initial three months using Q-Flow.

• Efficient handling of mass appointments

• Increased staff efficiency

• Enhanced communication between patients and staff

• Enhanced patient data tracking: The integration of Q-Flow allowed the organization to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by managing the number of patients seen at any given time, freeing medical staff from the burden of manual scheduling to focus on critical tasks.

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