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Business Case Management Software

What is it?

Q‑nomy’s Enterprise Case Management is a key component of any software solution aimed at enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Our business case management software includes all the ingredients for delivering what customers expect: handling customer information and requests; managing the business processes required for responding to these requests; and communicating with the customer from initial interaction until final case resolution.


Benefits and Advantages of Business Case Management Software

Benefits of Solution:

  • Maximizes customer satisfaction by ensuring proper handling of each request in the most effective manner.
  • Reduces case handling costs through streamlined processes and efficient communication with customers.
  • Enforces the set SLA (Service Level Agreement) and prevents the cost of breaching SLA breaches.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy Case Management:

  • True customer-centric approach.
  • True multi-channel customer communications, including the in-store customer journey.
  • Built-in integration with Q-nomy's customer flow management for total customer experience management.
  • Complete flexibility to match any business requirement.

Main Features

  • Q‑nomy's customer information and document management platform for storing and handling customer records, documents, customer profiles, segmentation information, and more.
  • Q‑nomy's case information management for handling customer cases, with full details of the customer requests and documents, case status updates, and more.
  • Q-nomy's Business Process Management for orchestrating the case-management processes across departments and systems.
  • Q-nomy's Customer Interaction Management for communicating case status and resolution to customers.
  • Q-nomy's Internal Communications Module for supporting staff communications and collaborative case management.
  • Alert notifications for informing staff and managers about exceptional events and conditions, such as bottlenecks where cases wait too long to get processed, cases with high priority, imminent SLA breach and so forth.
  • Scalable to any number of business units, departments, process types and staff size.
  • All configuration settings are parameter-based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and have an immediate effect across the enterprise.
  • REST API for allowing 3rd party software integration, as may be required for cross-system process management.
  • All user interfaces are cloud-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.

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