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    • Date Nov. 29, 2023
    Revolutionizing Credit Unions: Accelerating Digital Transformation with a Human Touch

    Have you ever wondered why, despite widespread digital adoption, there's still a gap in fully transforming advanced banking products? It's a curious puzzle in an age where digital technology is at everyone's fingertips. This gap presents a unique opportunity for Credit Unions to scale and optimize their services, tapping into the potential of digital channels.

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    • Date May 15, 2023
    Elevate Your Retail Experience: Say Hello to Video Calls on Your Website

    Providing exceptional customer experience is paramount to success. Our latest innovation, embedded video calls, revolutionizes customer engagement by seamlessly integrating video calls into your website, unlocking a range of powerful advantages for retailers.

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    • Date Apr. 10, 2023
    How Cubu can benefit your small clinic

    At Q-nomy, we've been helping large medical centers manage patient flow, appointments, and interactions for over 20 years. But what if you're a small clinic with a limited budget and resources? That's where Cubu comes in.

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    • Date Aug. 18, 2022
    Virtual Lobby 2.1 Is More Than Just Another Release

    As versions of Q-Flow advance, so do all the modules that complement it. Our most recent and exciting release is Virtual Lobby v2.1 (and associated Q-Apps)

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    • Date Jun. 13, 2022
    The Customer Journey Hub: Q-Flow Virtual Lobby

    The Virtual Lobby is a mini-site that looks similar to a mobile application. It provides an environment of a waiting room for customers who booked an appointment and are waiting to receive the service...

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    • Date Feb. 17, 2022
    How To Maximize Revenues With A Safer Shopping Experience

    We decided to give retail stores a few new options of interacting with their customers. Thanks to our multi-channel customer journey and communications platform, Q-nomy can provide customers with the ability to contact their retail stores over video and have their new “personal shoppers” take care of their purchases...

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    • Date Jan. 05, 2022
    Post-COVID Banking – Evolution or Revolution?

    Post COVID, banks face the same challenges as other organizations – staffing concerns, determining “new normal” customer needs, and finding digital solutions that work across multiple audiences. Finding optimal solutions for hybrid banking is very hard... Now here’s where Q-nomy steps in.

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    • Date Mar. 11, 2021
    The keys to accomplishing effective & efficient government service centre visitor interactions through digital solutions

    Managing your customer volumes and requests can be challenging at the best of times. Now you are faced with social distancing and capacity restrictions but still need to meet your communities’ service needs. New platforms and ways to interact with citizens need to be developed and deployed:  a digital omni-service approach to delivering government services.

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    • Date Mar. 02, 2021
    The Long Term Impact of Covid-19 on Government Service Delivery

    Covid-19 has changed the way government provides service to the population, forcing agencies and municipalities to quickly develop processes and technologies that enabled service delivery despite the limitations of social distancing. The big question here is, which of these new processes and technologies would remain in service after the pandemic is over? and what will be their long-term effect?

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    • Date Jan. 04, 2021
    What is Omni-Service?

    A lot has been discussed about an omnichannel service strategy, which organizations should adopt for seamless sales and services experience. Omni-Service is a strategy focusing on human interaction thru various digital channels enabling the service agent, salesperson, and managers, to deliver outstanding customer experience in a straightforward way.  

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