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What is Omni-Service?

January 4, 2021

A lot has been discussed about an omnichannel service strategy, which organizations should adopt for seamless sales and services experience. This proven strategy can become a part of an operational change, too, shifting customers to digital channels and tools - and away from less desirable and more erratic human interactions alone. With this switch, your organization can  improve high-efficiency operations and elevate customer service.

Omni-Service is a strategy focusing on human interaction thru various digital channels enabling the service agent, salesperson, and managers, to deliver outstanding customer experience in a straightforward way.  

So, what is unique about the Omni-Service operational focus on human interaction?  

The current focus is on fast digital transformation, new communication opportunities, enhanced mobile usage, and the upcoming 5G that will reshape the technology. But at the core of many organizations, human interaction is the face-to-face channel. Omni-Service is built to seamlessly connect human interaction across different channels, integrating physical visits with digital face-to-face interactions.

Will an organization need to change operations, dedicate new resources, or create special teams for specific digital channels?

Definitely not! The whole methodology of Omni-Service is to enable our service provider with new channels to be consumed by customers, utilizing the same organizational resource in a new way, and most importantly, keep the human interaction as a vital part of customer experience.

What are the key ingredients to Omni-Service?

The two key ingredients are user experience and customer expectations:

  • User Experience: Keeping human interaction does not mean inefficient operations. With the right UX, our service providers can have a seamless experience no matter which channel is selected by the customer or the organization. The optimal path has one queue for a user or a team – by pressing “Next,” the subsequent interaction is prompted, ready with the next customer.
  • Customer expectations: Connecting with your customers leads them in their journey to a positive Omni-Service experience. This translates their needs into actionable customer choices, ensuring the connection is always on until the service is completed. If your organization is already providing customers with scheduling options, allow the customer to choose their meeting channel, perhaps a favorite channel app which may be already installed on their mobile. For example, allow them to select a meeting with the video channel’s service agent using Zoom or MS Teams.

Where would Omni-Service be used best?  

  • Financial services - branches and investment departments: Provide in-branch or roaming financial agents with advanced customer communications capabilities.  
  • Healthcare providers and hospitals: Outpatient clinics and day-care departments provide care to patients with the same staff and availability but in a whole new way.
  • Government and local municipalities services: Enable civil service anywhere - faster, coordinated, and integrated.
  • Telco services: Make in-store services matter. The store is an excellent real estate for brand awareness, innovation, and new products; however, store marketing and sales value is declining. With Omni-Service, in-store services can become a sales and service local community routing local customers to local sales and service teams, promoting customer loyalty and sales.
  • Pharmacy services: With less in-store traffic, add value by transitioning pharmacy services to Omni-Service. This will create new ways to engage with frequent and new customers by boosting high-value product sales, benefiting from physical interaction, and creating loyalty through face-to-face digital channels.

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