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Bringing The Value of Omni-Channel to Healthcare Providers

June 1, 2017

The Transformative Power of Omni-Channel Patient Engagement in Healthcare

In recent discussions, we delved into the crucial realm of interactive communications between healthcare providers and patients. Whether through online electronic forms or video interactions, these digital channels augment the traditional physical visit to the clinic, shaping a comprehensive omni-channel patient journey and experience. This integration holds the potential for healthcare providers to generate more value for themselves and, equally importantly, for their customers.

Healthcare providers today are deeply invested in delivering enhanced value, measured through outcomes and patient satisfaction, while also aiming to reduce costs. The belief is that an omni-channel healthcare strategy can be a game-changer in achieving these diverse goals. Engaging with patients, however, goes beyond the uni-directional tasks of appointment booking or information gathering. It's about fostering a genuine patient-centric approach, emphasizing bi-directional interactive channels that engage patients actively and enable care teams to focus on improving outcomes.

How Can Omni-Channel Strategies Supercharge Healthcare Value and Efficiency?

A winning strategy for optimizing patient outcomes and experience must extend to managing costs effectively, and this is where the operational value of omni-channel healthcare truly shines. By empowering healthcare providers to do more with less, an omni-channel approach integrates productive communication tools and allows for workflow changes to be more self-service oriented. Consider the example of an efficiency-driven, interactive workflow, such as an optimized patient administration process. Here, visit registration, billing, and insurance eligibility confirmation can be completed by the patient through self-service kiosks or pre-check-in via online portals. This shift toward self-service reduces the need for assistance from clinic receptionists, minimizing waiting times and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Navigating Patient-Centric Care: Streamlining Workflows and Balancing Costs

The omni-channel approach, intertwining physical and digital channels, proves instrumental in restructuring workflow frameworks for various healthcare tasks. This includes triage nurses, physical patient visits, patient-related back-office tasks, and case management involving communication with patients. Automating these workflow frameworks while considering the patient as an active user leads to less paperwork, fewer manual tasks, and improved resource allocation efficiency. This, in turn, reduces patient waiting times and prevents doctors, nurses, and other caregivers from being bogged down by administrative tasks and EHR documentation.

Ultimately, the fusion of physical and digital channels in an omni-channel strategy facilitates efficient communication with patients through various channels like IoT wearables, online medical devices, online forms, video sessions, texting, and patient portals. This not only adds significant value to patient well-being but also contributes to a healthier bottom line for healthcare providers. In conclusion, providing healthcare providers and patients with more interaction channels complements and enhances each channel, resulting in improved overall patient outcomes and provider performance.

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