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    • Date Jul. 13, 2021
    The Value of Appointment-Based Services: A Post Pandemic Behavior Requirement

    The world has changed over the last 18 months – and many of the improved transactional changes are here to stay. Consumers now demand seamless digital experiences, including scheduling appointments online.

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    • Date Jan. 04, 2021
    What is Omni-Service?

    A lot has been discussed about an omnichannel service strategy, which organizations should adopt for seamless sales and services experience. Omni-Service is a strategy focusing on human interaction thru various digital channels enabling the service agent, salesperson, and managers, to deliver outstanding customer experience in a straightforward way.  

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    • Date Oct. 13, 2020
    Get Creative With Your Customer Experience

    Businesses naturally associate creativity with advertising. We expect our marketing department to come up with creative ideas for new campaigns. But what about creative customer experience?

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    • Date Oct. 01, 2020
    Safety Measures That Will Boost Your Customer Experience Long After The Pandemic

    Most service providers are now taking steps to reopen their customer service locations or shops under the strict regulations of public health and social distancing. When examined closely, it becomes apparent many of these steps make sense from a business perspective regardless of the current constraints.

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    • Date Aug. 26, 2020
    Going Live Quicker With Q-Flow 6.3

    Q-nomy's Q-Flow V6.3, released last week, focuses on speed. More precisely, it focuses on enabling organizations to set up their solutions and go live quicker than ever before. Because we're living at a time when agility, and the ability to adapt to rapid changes, can make or break a business.

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    • Date Jul. 22, 2020
    The New Normal in Queue Management

    While most of the world is still somewhere in-between lock-down and re-opening, we turn our eyes to the future to ask: what will be the new normal for customer service, after the dust has settled? In this post, we'll focus on one aspect of service center operation, which is queuing.

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    • Date Feb. 04, 2020
    Enhancing your Digital Customer Experience with BPM

    Telecommunication service providers today are facing many challenges that are critical to the success and possible survival of their business, including effectively implementing a digital transformation strategy and providing exceptional customer experience.

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    • Date Apr. 02, 2019
    The Future of Retail Banking

    Financial services and customer-focused banking are experiencing a retail revolution. To optimize the customer experience, a financial service organization needs to understand their customer base now, and in the future.

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    • Date Feb. 05, 2019
    Looking to Africa

    African markets had long since been of interest to Q-nomy, as we have seen an increasing demand for solutions that help organizations improve their customer experience. We kick off 2019 with two new partners in Africa, and we are all set to push forward and make an impact in the region.

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    • Date Nov. 20, 2018
    Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (2): The Partners Community

    We try to choose our partners the same way we choose our employees: based on their skills and motivation, indeed, but also – based on their character and attitude...

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