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    • Date Aug. 31, 2023
    Revolutionizing Student Services with Queue Management and Appointment Booking Software

    The student experience in colleges and universities extends beyond just the classroom. Whether it's waiting for a consultation with an academic advisor, registering for courses, or seeking financial help, students often find themselves navigating through a maze of queues and waits. However, advanced queue management and appointment booking systems are increasingly being adopted by educational institutions to streamline these processes and create a more efficient and less stressful student experience.

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    • Date May 18, 2022
    Our Recipe for Perfection: Scheduling, With a Side of Visit Management

    As the retail industry grows and advances, the need for a solution that encompasses each aspect of a customer journey becomes more and more necessary. Most retail businesses have added some sort of appointment scheduling tool to their arsenal, but that is no longer enough to sustain and track their progress.

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    • Date Jul. 13, 2021
    The Value of Appointment-Based Services: A Post Pandemic Behavior Requirement

    The world has changed over the last 18 months – and many of the improved transactional changes are here to stay. Consumers now demand seamless digital experiences, including scheduling appointments online.

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    • Date Mar. 02, 2021
    The Long Term Impact of Covid-19 on Government Service Delivery

    Covid-19 has changed the way government provides service to the population, forcing agencies and municipalities to quickly develop processes and technologies that enabled service delivery despite the limitations of social distancing. The big question here is, which of these new processes and technologies would remain in service after the pandemic is over? and what will be their long-term effect?

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    • Date Nov. 16, 2020
    How Can You Reduce Customer Service Agents' Zoom Fatigue?

    "Zoom fatigue" is the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with overusing virtual platforms of communication. Zoom fatigue is particularly hazardous when customer service agents are concerned. And yet, serving customers over video, particularly during times of social distancing, has many benefits. So how can a service provider alleviate agents' zoom fatigue?

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    • Date Oct. 01, 2020
    Safety Measures That Will Boost Your Customer Experience Long After The Pandemic

    Most service providers are now taking steps to reopen their customer service locations or shops under the strict regulations of public health and social distancing. When examined closely, it becomes apparent many of these steps make sense from a business perspective regardless of the current constraints.

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    • Date Sep. 15, 2020
    The New Normal in Appointment Scheduling

    We've previously discussed the outlook for queue management, and outlined some of the likely characteristics of "the new normal of queuing for customer service". We've mentioned that this will become inseparable from appointment scheduling. Now let's focus on this latter topic.

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    • Date Mar. 17, 2020
    Customer Service in the Time of Corona

    As the world faces the implications of the coronavirus outbreak, customer service managers now have to deal with a particular challenge. Despite digital transformation strategies, many businesses still rely on face-to-face interactions to set essential activities in motion, such as signing important contracts or customer authentication. Q-nomy provides virtual and scheduled interactions to help companies continue to offer their services while keeping business and health top of mind.

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    • Date Feb. 25, 2020
    Scheduling a phone call with a customer?  Why not?

    Whether you are a service provider for the telecom industry, financial services, healthcare, or other customer-facing sectors, you are likely already aware of the need for appointment scheduling. If you are running a call center, however, chances are you just attend to call as they come. Well, maybe it's time to start thinking about scheduling phone calls as well...

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    • Date Apr. 03, 2018
    An Inexpensive Start to a Positive Customer Experience

    When customers arrive at any walk-in service facility, some form of check-in is required to set them off on their "customer journey". Most service providers aim to have some form of self-service technology for checking in. Kiosks were once the default, but they have some major drawbacks...

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