Using Chatbots to Enhance User Experience – and the Customer Experience Too!

A Chatbot (bot, for short) is a software application that can conduct a conversation with human beings; a good bot can converse intelligibly.

Bots as a concept are no longer news, as many organizations employ this technology with varying degrees of success. Most organizations use bots to interact with their customers as a cheaper, always-available alternative to call center agents, and believe bot-interaction is more intuitive than searching through the pages of a traditional website.

At Q-nomy, we constantly strive to uncover innovative and interesting uses to available technologies. We believe that internal users in the organization deserve intuitive and friendly interaction with their IT system, just as much as customers do; if these users also interact with customers, improving these users’ experience would, as a side effect, surely benefit their customers!

The first product incorporating this approach was released to the Q-Market last month, in the form of a Q-App called Field Agent Bot. This novel application was designed to facilitate the work of traveling agents, such as salespeople and technicians, whose day is filled with customer appointments booked via Q-Flow. By talking to this bot, agents get directions to their next appointment and inform the system when they’ve arrived, or if they’re running late.

While this functionality may seem trivial, imagine how much simpler it is to chat to a bot while driving your car, en route to  the next customer, compared to trying to use a traditional software app. It's little things like this that make an employee's life so much easier. It’s the difference between an agent advising the customer he or she are going to be late as soon as the traffic slows down, compared to having to wait for a complete stop in order to call in or to use a more complicated software interface.

As many more bots are expected to reach the Q-Market in the future, we hail Field Agent Bot for being the forerunner!

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