The Financial Foundation Package is the New Face of Q-nomy

That’s a bold statement, isn't it? We stand by it as the importance of the new Financial Foundation Package to our customers and partners should not be underestimated.

The Financial Foundation Package (FFP for short) is a new Q-App – now available on the Q‑Market. Based on thorough market research, the FFP provides a solution to common business requirements that were presented by credit unions, community financial institutions and small banks.

Containing the essential settings and those elements contributing to a complete solution, the FFP embodies the spirit of the Q-Flow ecosystem — a solution approach that is based on the Q-Flow platform, ready-to-use Q-Apps, and the minimum of professional services for fine tuning the system.

With this approach, we've hit a sweet spot between totally customizable—yet expensive— solutions, and OOB products that are quickly and cheaply deployed, but leave very little room for adjustments. Q-nomy's software architecture now enables customers to benefit from the proven solid performance and stability of the Q‑Flow platform, combined with a growing selection of tested Q-Apps providing additional specific functionality, while still leaving ample space for integration with other systems and accommodating local requirements as needed, with the added benefit of lower costs in delivery.

The FFP is just the first in a forthcoming series of prepackaged vertical solutions. We are now working industriously on creating more packages that will be released as Q‑Apps on the Q‑Market.