Six Reasons Why More Companies Are Embracing Appointment Scheduling

Happy, growing, repeat customers are the mark of any successful business. We all want to acquire new customers, increase satisfaction and contribute to the bottom line. In fact, some 72% of businesses say improving the customer experience is their top priority (Forrester).

In an era where the public has shown a preference for doing things on their own time – 24/7 online shopping, Uber rides, on-demand TV viewing – successful businesses are embracing an omni-channel structure. One of the simplest and most popular ways to jump start a better customer experience is to offer online and mobile appointment scheduling. Here are six main reasons:

1. Get Closer to Customers. Appointment scheduling gives your customer optimum convenience and a sense of control. From this first touchpoint, they feel a closer connection to your organization. And from the moment someone books an appointment, you are informed to select the best employees and resources to handle customer volume and needs. The result is better service and a closer customer connection. It’s all part of the omni-channel expectation—a consistent and seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

2. It Provides 24-Hour Availability—Without the Overhead. Accenture conducted a survey of medical online scheduling that found 34% of appointments scheduled online are done after the office is closed. This statistic likely holds true for other industries. By offering 24/7 convenience of online scheduling, you can increase the number of overall appointments while reducing any added strain on the business’s office administration.

3. It Increases Efficiency. Appointment booking — as well as associated tasks such as rescheduling and appointment reminders — used to be up to office staff. But now, appointment scheduling software can relieve that burden so staff can focus on other tasks Thus, you can organize resources to meet customer demand without overburdening existing resources. And this means higher administrative efficiency and lower overall labor costs. Add to that, automated appointment reminders cut down on no-shows.

4. It Improves Resource Management. Appointment scheduling helps managers determine the right level of staffing each day. With a better sense of the customers coming in, managers may decide three service reps are enough for the morning, and that five is better to handle the afternoon load. Staff can also better prepare for upcoming visits with personal touches like greetings by name and can pull up individual customer profiles and needs before she steps through the door.

5. It Prevents Walk-Outs. How many times have you walked in to a store to see long lines and decide to walk out? Too often? Businesses who only cater to walk-ins often face the challenge of having customers who walk out, or wait and wait, and decide not to wait any longer. Some may wait it out, but think about the lost opportunities of those who would have been happy to be serviced on time.

6. It Helps You Stand Out from the Competition. By offering the convenience of online appointment scheduling, businesses can improve the customer experience and increase customer engagement, which will provide a competitive advantage in the market. You can also expect to attract more new customers than companies that don’t offer the option.

Imagine this: you have an hour lunch break and need to go the bank for something other than standard teller service. Would you prefer to walk in blind to find yourself at the end of a long line? Or would you prefer to quickly book an appointment on your mobile phone and then waltz in at your appointment time and be done and out in 10 minutes?

Your customers want the added convenience, a sense of control. And you want to keep them happy and coming back. What are some considerations for rolling out appointment scheduling? How do you show ROI? Can you deliver the great customer experiences across many stores? Wish you had an expert to speak with?

Well, you’re at the right place at the right time. The experts at Q-nomy are happy to offer a 45-minute no-obligation complimentary phone consultation session with you to help answer your most pressing appointment scheduling and customer experience questions.

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