Q-nomy Portal – Gateway to the Omnichannel Community

Q-nomy is much more than software development. Our goal is not just to sell products to customers; as long-time pioneers of true omnichannel customer journey optimization, we are here to advise, educate, and lead the way!

To achieve this goal, we did more than create solutions – we created an ecosystem.

The core of this ecosystem is the Q-Flow platform. On top of this platform, we deliver applications that solve specific business needs. Revolving this ecosystem that addresses the various business needs is a community of experts: software engineers, process engineers, data scientists and analysts, and many others.

The new Q-nomy Portal serves as the gateway for this community. Introduced to our business partners earlier this month in a sneak preview at the Q-nomy Conference in Barcelona, the portal will soon be launched officially to all customers and interested parties (with varying degrees of access).

Currently the Q-nomy Portal serves as a home page to our recently announced Q-Market, our knowledge base, and the Beta version of a new online service called Visual Tools, which was designed to simplify the design of Q-Flow digital signage screens.

In 2018 we will introduce a number of new services for our online community, such as additional productivity and support tools. All new services will be available on the Q-nomy Portal.