Never Resting On Our Laurels: Announcing Q-Flow 6.1

Q-flow 6.1 - appointment scheduling software updates

Q-Flow 6.0 that was launched earlier this year has definitely revolutionized customer journey management, and offered businesses radical new ways to optimize their customer experience.

Now, we are moving forward with Q-Flow 6.1, which was just announced by Q-nomy. In particular, we listened to feedback concerning our market leading appointment scheduling software, Q-Flow AM. We have added more configuration options to the business logic engine, improved its performance, and enhanced the QXB (Exchange Bridge) module, now enabling an industry-first capability of integrating with multiple live Exchange servers, even across different platforms, versions and time zones.

Now, more than ever, Q-Flow can provide a solution to any level of requirements, ranging from simple, out-of-the-box appointment scheduling and visit management, all the way up to fully integrated, tailored omni-channel service process management solutions that make full use of the Q-Flow 6 development platform.