Young, but not that restless – even millennials seek face-to-face interaction when it matters

Now entering their prime spending years, millennials constitute the first digital-native, mobile-first, consumer cohort. It’s not surprising that marketers focus on the digital and what they call "omni" channel, while neglecting the physical visit to the store or branch, thinking it is a marginal channel in today's world.

A recent article by NCR—one of Q-nomy's strategic business partners—presents data that may surprise many marketing professionals, except the most customer-experience savvy. Though they tend to do almost everything online, millennials still need and opt for the physical, in-branch customer experience when making significant decisions that impact their wallet, notably when opening a bank account or taking a major loan.

NCR asserts millennials visit bank and credit union branches almost as much as other age groups, citing data gathered by

NCR, the leading digital-banking solution company, explains that millennials put extra emphasis on direct, high-quality physical interactions at branches. NCR therefore advises financial institutions to "develop a sophisticated omni-channel approach that provides anytime, anywhere banking, yet still gives millennials a reliable face-to-face service when required".

So how do you provide a truly seamless transition between online and mobile channels to the physical branch, thus allowing millennials and other digital-native consumers to enjoy both worlds?

You let Q-nomy optimize the true omni channel journey for your customers. Just like NCR does.

Q-nomy is the only vendor offering seamless omni-channel customer journey optimization that includes the physical visit. Such a journey commences with clicking the links in the email campaign you launched, continues with online, self-service appointment scheduling with sales agents in your stores and branches, proceeds to online reviewing and ordering and completes with an actual visit for pick up and fulfillment in the store. All in a smooth flow.

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