Digitize This! Embedding Humans in Digital Banking

Fortune 500, leading real-estate professional services and investment management firm JLL, recently published extraordinary data that illustrate a trend of using fewer branches, while generating higher value from each branch. JLL's main premise for the US banking market is that "Branch banking still remains a key cornerstone, though tech is causing an industry shift"; they provide convincing numbers to support the observation of a debranching trend.

What we learned in the past 5 years is that when there’s a surge in financial activity, the emergence of fintech and pressures to improve bank ROI in near-zero interest rates push banks to reduce the number of branches they hold in addition to downsizing those branches that they do keep.

Our customers in the banking market share with us their plans to create value-based, adjustable customer journeys per specific customer attributes, and Q-nomy supports these goals by providing a platform that “makes the most of every customer visit".

Though the bank’s customers cannot be digitized (yet…), almost everything pertaining to their presence in the branch can, including their appointment scheduling, checking in on arrival, getting routed to the right agent at the right time, preparation of back office tasks on time for their visit, and obtaining customer feedback after the visit. The omni-channel customer journey must digitize what has not yet been digitized, and that is exactly what Q-nomy's solution does.

Orchestrating and optimizing customer visits with workforce roster and skills, back-office task management, and branch real-estate capacity planning, enable banks to control the physical aspect and measure almost all its components.

Interactions with physically present customers who visit the branch are not extraneous to digital transformation and can be optimized with Q-nomy solutions. Contact us for more information on banking solutions that optimize the omni-channel customer journey.