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Q-nomy's digital forms software lets you quickly design and launch web forms where customers can fill in any information online, add their signature, and submit the form. Data collected is not an isolated piece of information, but instead stored alongside the customer service records, enabling analysis in context and native integration with Q-nomy's workflow engine. It's all part of Q-nomy's Q-Flow platform.

Our digital forms software supports any business case requiring online data collection. Data can be collected prior to meeting a customer, for instance, to understand the customer needs better, or when regulations mandate form filling. Online forms may come in useful during a long process, e.g. when staff handling a case find out some information is missing; and of course, forms can be used after case completion, when conducting customer satisfaction surveys, or later to discover upsell opportunities.


Benefits of Digital Forms

  • Reducing the cost of customer data collection
  • Enabling quick modification and addition of new forms according to the changing needs of the organization
  • Speed up customer case handling


Unique Advantages of Q-nomy's Digital Forms Solution

  • Forms are integrated with the workflow solution, enabling powerful process automation that is based on the data collected.
  • Forms can be either on permanent URL for public use, or personalized to collect specific information from a customer.
  • Forms can be combined with other customer interaction channels managed by Q‑nomy as part of an end-to-end omnichannel service solution.


Main Features

  • Design, preview, and publish forms for viewing and filling on web and mobile browsers.
  • Build forms, validate data entry, and map fields onto the Q-Flow database without any programming required.
  • Create either fixed forms for repeated use by various customers, as well as personalized forms, provided to a single customer to collect specific data.
  • Set up multi-language forms, where customers can select the required language and see titles and descriptive text in the selected language.
  • Create enable multi-page forms, where long forms (having many data fields) can be broken down into several pages, to simplify the user interface, allowing customers to page backward and forward.
  • Use form submission to trigger a new customer case, optionally launching a new workflow for handling the case.
  • Use form submission to update an existing workflow waiting for the data submission, and enable the continuation of that workflow.
  • Use form data to update an existing customer record or case.
  • Alert a manager or agent when a customer submitted a filled form.
  • Send a confirmation email or SMS to the customer after submission and validation.
  • Attached filed uploaded by customers (when requested by the form) are automatically scanned for safety before storing them.
  • Customers can digitally sign the form prior to submitting it, using a mouse, touch screen, or any other suitable device.
  • Save the filled and signed form as a PDF file.


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