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  • The customer visit to the store –the last great chance to win brand loyalty?

    In a time when everything seems to revolve around online customer experience channels, a move to enhance the physical aspect of the multi-channel customer experience may seem odd; or may it?

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  • Store Visit Conversions, Precisely

    So, you're an omni-channel retailer: you are running a network of digital and physical channels. Your customers can begin their journey just about anywhere on the network, and finish it – hopefully with a sale, or a satisfactory service interaction – also just about anywhere.

    In the virtual world of online channels, tracking customers is easy. Everything is electronic, everything is part of the IT ecosystem, and everything can be recorded and analyzed. But what about the physical customer journey? More specifically, how could businesses track online-to-store conversions, such as when customers shop and browse information online, then continue their purchase in-store?

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  • Frequent visitors of the Q-nomy website may have noticed a small, but meaningful change – the renaming of our "Bricks & Clicks Customer Experience Integration" solution, now "Omni-Channel Commerce".

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