Customer Interaction Management Goes Omnichannel with Q-Flow 6

Customer Interaction Management (CIM) refers to software solutions that handle the communication between the organization and its customers.

While the term itself might be relatively new in the scope of Q-Flow components, the intention had always been there; with communications making a significant contribution to the customer experience, various messaging channels have, over the years, been added to the mix – SMS reminders for appointments, Emails with personalized brochures, and of course audio-visual communications over digital signage in the waiting room, are only a small part of the range of communication channels managed by Q-Flow almost since its first commercial release.

Nowadays, however, CIM is undergoing a major evolution. Both sides of the B2C connection expect much more of it: as businesses and consumers gain access to a plethora of channels, ranging from the classic digital channels, through widespread social media like Facebook and Twitter, to the most current applications like chatbots and in-game messaging, they expect to be heard and to hear back via all these channels.

With Q-Flow 6, Q-nomy is stepping up to the challenge and offering a dedicated product: Q‑Flow IM, a package containing our most powerful omnichannel communications management software yet.

Q-Flow IM can handle any digital communication channel, and easily interface with new messaging or social media applications; it can combine these communications with our in-store audio, visual, and printed media channels; and it can organize and present the messages to both business users and customers, helping them provide prompt responses.

In addition, Q-Flow IM can mine the dialog for information that supports business decisions and workflow (particularly when integrating with Q-Flow PMbusiness process management), and to help customers get assigned to the right agents (when integrating with Q-Flow QM – handling customer flow management).

With Q-Flow IM, omnichannel customer journey management takes on a new dimension, allowing businesses to be much more transparent and responsive in their dialog with the customer. This level of interaction management is sure to deliver increased customer loyalty and net promoter scores, as well as effectively streamline customer service processes.