Customer Centric BPM

What does "Customer Centric BPM Software" mean? What is BPM actually? The answers are revealed in a new video produced by Q-nomy, which you can see right here and on our YouTube channel.

The video takes you through the journey of an ordinary guy applying to city hall for a permit to build a spaceship landing-pad in his backyard… fictional? Maybe – but also, totally resembling so many familiar government application processes!

Watch how Q-nomy's Q-Flow PM manages the process and keeps the customer informed and engaged throughout the process. This is what "customer centric" means: a BPM software that connects backend workflow to the customer experience, and never loses sight of the person at the receiving end of the process.

Needless to say, Q-nomy's BPM solutions are relevant to more industries than just government: whether it is a bank doing financial assessment before approving a loan, a medical center running and analyzing a series of tests, or a retailer working to fulfill a large customer order – customer service processes are everywhere. You can manage them using standard BPM solutions and hope efficiency does not come at the expense of customer satisfaction – or, you can try Q-Flow PM and ensure effective delivery to happy customers.

Enjoy the video and learn more by visiting our website section dedicated to Business Process Management.