BPM 2 CIM Part 2: "Online Forms"

In part 1 of this article we discussed Q-Flow 6’s Connect module, a module that enables agents, customers, and automated case management processes, to communicate among themselves via SMS, email, and other channels.

However, sometimes there is a need to obtain information from the customer in a format that is more structured than simple text messages and emails. In other words, the customer might be required to fill in a form. So how can a business do this and ensure that form data is reliably and efficiently linked back to back-office processes?

Q-nomy's answer was to add form-filling functionality directly into the BPM and CIM platform in Q-Flow 6! This is the new Online Forms module.

Online Forms can contain various types of data fields for the customer to fill in, such as free text, and slider scales. The forms can also provide selection options specific to Q-Flow such as branch/store selections, service types and so forth.

Forms can be presented to customers either as permanent Web pages that can be embedded in the organization’s website, or as private links to personalized forms intended for a specific customer to fill in. Similarly, forms can be used as a starting point for a process – for example, when a customer fills in a request for a loan at the bank, a constructor files for a building permit at the local council, or a patient fills in a health check before treatment by a physician. Online forms can also be integrated within a process already in motion, when additional information from the customer is required.

The powerful combination of Connect and Online Forms offers a superior CIM package; bundled with BPM, it delivers unprecedented functionality. Q-nomy's "BPM 2 CIM" provides businesses with the utmost efficiency in handling customer service processes, and a level of transparency and communication that maximizes customers' satisfaction resulting in long-term engagement.