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  • Building a Community of Developers

    Earlier this month, Q-nomy held its annual developers conference. Our partners sent their programmers and implementation specialists to deepen their Q-Flow knowledge. We trust that the end result of such developer events will be a fuller realization of Q-Flow’s potential and successful delivery of more solutions that enhance omnichannel customer journeys.

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  • You Can Now Get Q-Flow Anywhere – And We Really Mean Anywhere

    Q-Flow Central is a cloud-based platform provided by Q-nomy that serves as a secure and easy link between businesses running Q-Flow, and their customers. In a move recently announced to its business partners, Q-nomy now supports hosting Q‑Flow Central services in any Azure Region.

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  • Analytics Wanted!

    The Q-Flow database is a wonderful source of information for managers; information about customer experience, staff performance, process throughput, quality of service, efficiency of operations, and resource utilization. The key to converting this data mine into knowledge that’s meaningful and actionable is analytics.

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