From B2B to B2B2C – with Our Mobile App

After more than a decade of operating strictly as a B2B vendor, delivering enterprise software solutions, the growing use of Q-nomy's "myVisit" mobile app is bringing us closer than ever to consumers. And even though our clients are still the businesses – once these businesses offer the app to their end-customers, we become part of the B2B2C chain, whether we want it or not. And yes, we want it!

Only recently, a large national postal service company began offering its customers the option to schedule appointments and check-in at branches using myVisit. Suddenly we felt the warmth of the crowd: with thousands of appointments scheduled daily, the social networks were full of people's responses and thoughts about the new system. Most were extremely positive – not surprisingly, as customers suddenly had the options to bypass long queues (sometimes taking 30, 45 or even 60 minutes) and receive immediate service. People love the red carpet!

Naturally, there were also users who were critical and voiced criticism; providing a valuable viewpoint very different from that of businesses which we usually hear. To best utilize this important criticism, we hired UI/UX consumer applications experts, which was an important addition to our team of enterprise software. For a company that loves challenges, this was both refreshing and invigorating.

Adding the "2C" to our "B2B" helps us learn about the end customers, and for a company dealing with customer experience management – that is the true prize.

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