No Software? Let's keep our options open for the time being…

"No Software", Salesforce's slogan and battle cry depicts a clear vision in which there is no software but cloud software, according to Forbes contributor Adrian Bridgwater.

Who would dare to argue? The move to the cloud is a fundamental fact and one of the defining trends of IT in the last 5 years, and the forecast is clear for cloud and SaaS adoption in the second half of this decade.

Today it is pretty much common knowledge SaaS delivery models of enterprise grade software enable and empower buyers to pay per use, scale up or down at will (in most cases) and achieve higher levels of security and availability unless investing in private high end data centers.

However, we think you should dismiss on-premise software at your own peril (unless you're Salesforce). Our experience shows large customers sometimes hesitate to move their mission critical CRM data to the cloud, and according to a leading IT research firm, for the next 5 years the prevalent installation model would be a hybrid of cloud and on-premise, especially when specific functionalities are needed.

Striving to provide the best business and technology value, Q-nomy enables its customers to make the most of the flexibility enabled by SaaS models while ensuring each installation is customized and optimized per customer needs, the same way an on-premise installation is.

A full cloud-enabled solution for 3 years now, Q-nomy's Q-Flow Customer Experience Optimization Platform allows customer facing organizations to optimize and manage multi-channel appointment scheduling, on-location visits and queues, and all kinds of tasks and processes related to sales and customer service (in retail, healthcare, government, education etc.), in any installation model possible – cloud, on premise or a hybrid installation.

Taking flexibility to the next level, Q-Flow can be hosted on a private cloud, on our preferred Microsoft's Azure platform, or any other platform chosen by our customers, and can be migrated from cloud to the premise and vice versa easily while keeping all data and functionality.

Unlike ordinary appointment scheduling tools available on the cloud, Q-Flow can be customized per customer demands and is free of the "One Size Fits All" syndrome of most cloud off-the-shelf products.

We do however endorse "One Size Fits All", the album by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and recommend you hear it, right now if possible…