The customer visit to the store –the last great chance to win brand loyalty?

In a time when everything seems to revolve around online customer experience channels, a move to enhance the physical aspect of the multi-channel customer experience may seem odd; or may it?

Revolve, a leading fashion web business, chose to go physical in the retail game by launching Revolve Social Club - an invitation-only store in Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, California, targeting Revolve’s most-devoted customers, brand ambassadors and fashion influencers, according to an article published in RetailingToday, the leading retail news website.

Revolve Social Club, opened March 2016, enables high value customers and top opinion leaders to schedule a personalized "high-touch" appointment for which the store is curated and displayed per customer's preferences, customer specific style team input and merchandising algorithms, according to RetailingToday.

It sounds like a huge and risky investment. Do they expect one store would sell enough to justify such a high cost operation? Are buying habits changing back in favor of brick and mortar shops?

Well the answer is probably no, it's not about the extra sales, it's all about the brand.

While the trend towards digital business-making and online customer experience management waxes, we also see an increase in the importance people and organizations give to the actual visit to stores and branches and the face-to-face experience consumers have with the organization. This leads businesses like Revolve to put extra emphasis on utilizing the physical presence of customers at their venue to enhance their brand loyalty in a way an online experience may never succeed.