Voice Queue Management


Social media, in-browser chat, and email are great, but sometimes customers need to hear your voice. With Q-nomy's omnichannel solution, you and your customers can connect via voice to allow for efficiency and an additional line communication to enhance the customer journey overall.

Call Management System for Call Centers

Call centers manage both incoming and outgoing calls. While businesses may initiate outbound calls for marketing purposes, or to proactively reach out to existing customers,  many customer support centers also offer a call-back service, so their customers do not have to wait on the phone for an available service representative.

You can make your call-back service more efficient and provide a better experience by letting your customers schedule their call online with our call management software. Customers would be able to go online, select an available time that is convenient for them, and receive a call at that exact time instead of waiting to be called back.

Advantages of using Q-Flow Scheduling Software in your call center:

  • Advanced scheduling rules ensure every customer speaks to the right agent, at the best possible time, and is allocated a proper time slot that matches the purpose of the call.
  • A flexible self-service user interface can be embedded in the corporate website or mobile app
  • Small businesses that need a quick and straightforward setup can use our scheduling app
  • A single interface for your customers to manage all their appointments: voice, video, in-store, technician visits, and more.

Integrating Voice Calls Into Face-To-Face Services

Employees who work at the point of sale or service often have to take calls in-between face-to-face meetings. It may be a doctor who gets calls from patients seeking advice, or a banker who works at a branch that needs to speak with customers both via phone and in-person.

For such situations, our Customer Flow Management software integrates with your VoIP telephone system to allow incoming calls only when an agent is not meeting a visiting customer – or uses smart business rules to enable calls to interrupt meetings based on priority and urgency.

This type of customizable technology can benefit both your organization and your customers.

Improves the experience of both visiting and calling customers by minimizing interruptions

  • Ensures caller privacy
  • Improves agent efficiency by keeping them focused on one customer at a time

We can help with a range of advanced call management capabilities, including:

  • Integrating a telephone platform of your choice, into your omnichannel
  • Managing the customer flow, customer experience, and related workflow, phone calls included

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