Video Queue Management and Appointment Scheduling

Video is becoming a key channel where businesses in various industries interact with their customers. Video is less expensive to both customer and business provider than meeting in person, yet more effective than phone calls in situations where eye contact can close a deal, or when a service provider needs to see something – such as a doctor examining a patient's rash.

Video call management is a component of Q-nomy's omnichannel solution. Our solution enables businesses to manage video appointments just like they do any other channel: you can schedule calls; handle unscheduled calls; queue calls and route them to agents, using business rules as simple or as complex as the business dictates; monitor waiting and service times; analyze staff efficiency and service levels, and more.


It's All Part of the Customer Journey

We know a video call often does not stand on its own. It can be part of a customer journey, in more ways than one:

  • A video call may serve as an initial assessment, e.g. by a doctor, and then lead to either more digital interactions or a meeting in person
  • A chat with a service rep, e.g. a mobile phone technician, may not resolve the customer's request leading to a video call as an attempt for more effective discussion
  • A video call may be part of a series of calls, for instance having a quarterly call with an investment banker to review one's portfolio
  • A video call may also continue offline, launching a back-office process to follow up and provide the full solution to a customer's request

Q-nomy's customer journey management handles such scenarios with ease. Our Customer-Centric Business Process Management solution ties together all customer touch-points, video included, and all related workflow to produce a seamless customer experience.


Program Flexibility Allows Staff to Handle Both Video and Walk-In Appointments

An organization does not necessarily separate those handling video calls from ones meeting customers in person. A service representative may wish to keep the personal connection with a customer on all channels. Sometimes there might not even be enough experts providing a certain service to separate them by channels.

For such situations, we present a patent-pending Q-nomy novelty: a system to manage mixed service queues. The solution, now available to users of our Customer Flow Management software, lets employees handle both incoming video calls and walk-in customers, and supports automated business logic to determine how to prioritize and route both types of interactions.


Integrate Video into your Omnichannel, Today!

Q-nomy can help your organization with a range of advanced video capabilities, including:

  • Setup your video call service
  • Integrate our video channels, or a video platform of your choice, into your omnichannel
  • Manage the customer flow, customer experience and related workflow, video included


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