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Store Campaign Management

Our in-store content management and delivery software lets you run a synchronized multi-media campaign, utilizing different customer interfaces, and using customer profile information to personalize content. The system provides full closure of the sale cycle, by providing agents with sale-tips that match or summarize all previous promotions to which the customer was exposed.

Our campaign management solutions give you the ability to manage in-store advertising, effectively optimizing marketing efforts and matching current sales opportunities.


Benefits of our Store Campaign Management Solution:

  • Increase in-store marketing impact, by matching contents to customer profiles and current needs.
  • Increase sales by providing sales-support information to agents, enabling synergy between spoken messages and marketing campaign messages.


Unique Advantages of our Store Campaign Management Solution:

  • A single campaign management system manages all in-store media channels – video, print, interactive, etc.
  • Store channels management and agent sales-support in one product – no need for systems integration – is a unique, industry leading solution.

Main Features:

  • Our digital signage system presents information and advertising to customers in real time in the retail store.
  • Interactive content display system manages kiosk & touch-screen applications like digital catalogs, product information and self-service in the store.
  • Print on Demand brochures – print / Email brochures with customer name, greeting, promotional message, product information, coupons, unlimited text and images; can be printed by customer from interactive applications, or by agent to a nearby printer.
  • Administrator interface for configuring digital signage, interactive content, brochures, group roles and agent permissions, triggers and task routing logic, sale-tips logic, print layout, and more.
  • CRM Integration for retrieving customer information such as profile, purchase history, current inquiry details etc.
  • Optional integration of the campaign management software can help take advantage of any other marketing logic already implemented.
  • Optional ERP integration for retrieving information such as item prices and availability.
  • Digital signage response to CRM data, e.g. changing content in selected displays to match customer information; immediate content take-over or scheduled play-list change.
  • Digital signage response to kiosk activity, e.g. changing content in selected displays to match contents currently viewed by customers using interactive applications.
  • Agent sale-tips, presenting recommendations for conveying promotional messages to customer during interaction based on identified customer profile or analysis of prior activity in the store.
  • Alert notifications informing agents and managers on exceptional events such as particular sales opportunities, VIP customer arrival, long waiting lines suggesting reduced upsell efforts, etc.
  • Scalable to any number of stores and displays.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, and done remotely from server affecting all branches immediately.
  • Additional programming, enabling enhanced business logic and smarter interfaces, is embedded as scripts – never altering the basic product code, thus minimizing test procedures, speeding up development and ensuring rapid response to business needs.
  • All user interfaces are web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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