Omni-Commerce Solutions for E-Commerce


Q‑nomy’s omni-channel customer experience integration provides seamless conversion of incomplete e-commerce transactions into successful sales. Online product discovery continues to in-store trial and purchase.

Our omni-commerce solutions make it easy for online shoppers to reach a brick and mortar store where, as many studies show, the majority of purchase decisions take place. They are assured a minimum waiting time upon arrival as ERP, CRM, and shopping cart integration tools make the transition effective and smooth.


Benefits and Advantages of Our Omni-Channel Solutions

Benefits of Solution:

  • Increases sales of products and services by maximizing the closure rate of potential deals.
  • Reduces operation costs through streamlined scheduling and order fulfillment.
  • Provides better customer experience by minimizing wait time and speeding up the purchase process in the store.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy Experience Integration:

  • "Bricks and Clicks": a true omni-commerce solution, integrating multiple channels including digital channels and physical locations.
  • Complete shopping process management from the web to the store, in one product, is a unique, industry leading solution that maximizes sales.
  • Complete flexibility to match any business requirements.

Main Features

  • Q‑nomy's Appointment Management software for setting up, configuring, and managing agent calendars and resource availability.
  • Q‑nomy's interactive display system for managing touch-screen applications like digital catalogs, product information and self-service in the store creating seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers.
  • Administrator interface for configuring working hours, capacity, overbooking, appointment types and durations, calendar ownership, access and management permissions, and more.
  • Web interface – customizable web interface allowing self-service appointment scheduling by customers, using the enterprise website or a Q‑nomy hosted web server, which can be integrated into your website's store locator, shopping cart, or ad campaigns.
  • Mobile interface – customizable mobile interface allowing self-service appointment scheduling by customers, using their mobile phone, which can also be integrated with location-based services such as nearest store finder and online services such as shortest-wait store finder.
  • Self-Service interface in the store – allowing customers to check-in to pre-scheduled appointment, review their shopping cart or online catalog, receive directions to where in store they may see each item, and continue to their appointment (or ask to schedule one).
  • Greeter interface for identifying arriving customers, looking up appointments, and matching customers with available, suitable agents.
  • Agent/Sales Rep interface for viewing customer profile, interactions history and current shopping list.
  • CRM integration – using customer profile information to identify potential buyers when shopping online.
  • ERP integration – ensuring items requested or recommended (based on profile) are in stock at the relevant store, or allocating such items to be shipped to the store in time for the appointment.
  • Shopping Cart integration – ensures customers' online shopping follows them to the store thus allowing a salesperson taking care of them to quickly retrieve the cart information and convert into a sale.
  • Scalable to any number of stores, departments, and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, and done remotely from server affecting all stores immediately.
  • Additional programming, enabling enhanced business logic and smarter interfaces, is embedded as scripts – never altering the basic product code, thus minimizing test procedures, speeding up development and ensuring rapid response to business needs.
  • All user interfaces are web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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