Customer Experience in Banking

Our bank scheduling software incorporates BPM, capacity planning, CRM integration and visit management tools to deliver true business transformation: turning your branches from outdated service locations into modern sales-driven retail channels. Our customer experience solutions will reduce perceived wait times and increase customer satisfaction while providing backend task management support for your full range of products and services.



Improve Customer Flow in a Bank Without Sacrificing Productivity

Perhaps the most important component of our bank scheduling software is appointment management. When bankers can plan their day in advance, instead of waiting for random walk-in customers, it allows them to achieve higher sales output and improves their overall performance.

Our bank scheduling software optimizes all aspects of branch schedules, such as capacity utilization, online and mobile scheduling, pre-visit customer communications, and proper handling and routing of customers upon their arrival. This scheduling solution offers the most advanced system for handling customer flow management in bank branches and can route visitors to the most suitable banker using customer profile data and reason of visit. Skill-based routing can be used to better match customers with bankers, using data about the customer's needs and constraints, such as language and accessibility requirements. Customers can be prioritized according to profile, transaction value, or any other business rule, and of course – customers arriving on time for an appointment will be served promptly.

Our software can supply a complete customer experience package, by offering personalized content via direct communication channels such as text message, email, and print-on-demand brochures, and by delivering content via in-store digital channels such as interactive kiosks and wall displays. The combination of advertised content with process information (for example, the queueing details)) ensures high visibility and is a significant contribution to marketing campaigns.

Our scheduling solution uniquely combines all these modules in a way that makes sense and is easy to administer, often replacing numerous IT systems previously required to fulfill similar tasks. It improves sales, efficiency and branch throughput, cuts IT costs, provides management with unprecedented insight into branch performance, and optimizes banking customer satisfaction.


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