Bank Queue Management

Bank Queue Management System

Q-nomy's bank queue management system manages the full cycle of service, from the moment customers enter the door until they leave. It streamlines the service process, creates an actionable database and supports the bank's business goals. 

The system collects accurate, real-time information that shows customer arrivals and waiting time. It manages the complex flow of random and scheduled visitors; by considering customer profiles and upsell opportunities it optimizes the level of service and customer lifetime value. 


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Solution:

  • Streamlines your customer flow and branch operation.

  • Improves the level of service, enables focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.

  • Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage.

  • Increases sales by leveraging digital advertising, smart routing and agent sale-tips.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy queue management system for banks:

  • Central server can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of branches.

  • Easy maintenance, no need to install software at agent counters.

  • Flexible solution capable of  addressing any requirement— from fast services such as services provided by bank tellers to more complex business areas involving long-term processes such as mortgages and investment portfolio management.

Main Features

On top of the advanced features of the standard Q-nomy customer flow management software, our solution for queue management in banks adds a number of unique options:

  • Segmentation and prioritization of visitors based on customer value (current and potential) analysis. Our expertise in the banking industry provides methods for you to prioritize your valued customers so they wait less in queue, without frustrating regular customers.

  • Smart routing of customers to the best suited agents to meet their needs. In the banking industry there can be a great difference in both skills and cost between very experienced bankers and less experienced ones. We make sure the more expensive and capable staff handles the more valuable transactions.

  • Integrated Online Appointment Scheduling. Q-nomy's scheduling solution can be integrated into your online banking website, into online advertising, and even into your mobile app, enabling you to invite valued customers to meetings in a branch near them where your staff can maximize any upsell opportunity.

  • Managing digital branches, branches based on self-service technologies. Q-nomy's solution for these branches is based on our retail task management software – essentially, monitoring the self-service activity in the branch and notifying the staff (often, no more than one or two employees roaming the floor) where their assistance is required.

  • Video interaction management, enabling both pre-scheduled and ad-hoc video calls to be handled, routed and served using the same business logic used to manage walk-in customer traffic. With this tool, branch staff can take both arriving customers and video calls at their desks, and have the system mix and route both types of interactions based on priority and availability.

  • Automated allocation of staff for back-office work during off-peak hours. When the system identifies low traffic (based on current or historical data) and calculates that one or more counters can be closed while maintaining service level goals, it will assign staff with back-office tasks, such as telemarketing or customer retention phone calls.


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