The Branch and The Brand

Implementing the Q-Flow® system in the service branches of the organization requires more than a mere change in customer service and sales processes. When fully realized, Q‑Flow implementation influences the customer waiting experience, the media and promotional channels surrounding them, and the branch environment fundamentally.

The marketing experts who manage corporate branding are therefore required to consider these influences in order to correlate the implementation with the organization’s marketing goals, and to leverage the Q-Flow system influence to accomplish these goals.

Q-Flow’s Contribution

The Q-Flow system contributes to many of the aspects discussed in this article:

Q-Flow's media management elements contribute to conveying general contents relating to the organization’s image. Not only does the system support brand management, but it also turns the branch into a marketing arm, which actively promotes sales using elements such as advertising and informative displays in the waiting areas and printed media handed to the customer upon arrival (tickets and brochures).

The Q-Flow Queue Management System is flexible enough to allow organizations to customize the waiting experience according to the business needs (in the ways discussed above) and to differentiate certain areas of the branch when necessary.

The Q-Flow system lets the business choose hardware (kiosks, displays, and so on) freely, so it can match any branch design imaginable.


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